A top 5 of our favourite digital websites

A top 5 of our favourite digital websites

To celebrate the first anniversary of our digital news, last week we shared with you, your favourite episodes of the year. But we could not have shared our digital news for a full year without those websites here in below! What you will find in this article, is the top 5 of our favourite websites to stay up to date with digital news. We ranked them in order of preference, also taking into account their popularity (number of monthly visits).

#1 TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a widely popular website that gathered none less than 14,8 million monthly visits* worldwide in June 2020. The American website reports news on a wide range of topics: business, technology, start-ups, etc. Despite being mainly focused on US news, it is a goldmine of information for tech news as well as for our digital news!

#2 Siècle Digital

Siècle Digital is a reference in the French media landscape and has been used profusely by our marketing team to write our digital news weeks after weeks. With an average of more than 500 000 visits* each month, the website is highly popular in France.

#3 Dutch Cowboys

Our main Dutch-speaking source for digital news, Dutch Cowboys is an insightful blog focusing on technology, social media, innovation and marketing. The monthly visits on the website have decreased significantly over the past few months, but the website is still a great source of digital news for Dutch-speaking marketeers!

#4 Digimedia

Digimedia is one of our main sources of information for digital news in the Belgian landscape. Covering the main international digital news, the website has its own section dedicated to Belgian news. It’s a “must-read” for everyone interested in staying up to date with digital in Belgium.

#5 Business Insider

To conclude our top 5, we wanted to mention Business Insider. By far the most popular website on our list, Business Insider racked up 122 million visits* for the month of June alone. It is worth mentioning that the website does not only cover digital news, but also more general news. It still makes for a very interesting reading.

Special mention to PUB Magazine:

We couldn’t find a spot in our top 5, but we had to mention PUB Magazine in this article! Their website is less specialized in the digital world, hence our choice to leave it from our top 5, but it covers news of the Belgian media extensively and is without a doubt, worth your time.

*Those stats are provided by SimilarWeb 

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