Auxipress is aware of the social network buzz

Auxipress is aware of the social network buzz

We are aware of the growing importance of social media. To give you an idea about the sheer size of the phenomenon: 3.419 billion people use the Internet and 2.307 billion people are active on social networks, which represents no less than 31% of the world population. These impressive figures confirm the increasing prominence of social media in people’s daily lives.

Companies realise that the social networks’ strong growth offers a unique window of opportunity to refine their business strategy. A Facebook account used to be sufficient to tackle the challenges posed by the Web 2.0. Companies experimented without asking too many questions.

Nowadays, the presence on social networks is a part of almost any communication strategy in all companies. A thorough analysis of the strategy’s impact can help refine and adjust it.

However, this is not enough. You should know what is being written and said about your company. Efficient tools are available to achieve this goal. The next step is to react appropriately. Fortunately, there are instruments to manage your communication on all the different media.

Auxipress understands this complex environment. If you sometimes feel you cannot keep up, missing vital information due to time constraints,Trending Topics may be what you need.

Auxipress developed Trending Topics, an application that scans any piece of information shared on the Internet in real time. It combines data analysis and community management. The tool predicts upcoming trends on social networks, alerting you before they appear. Trending Topics analyses growth charts which stand out as soon as the information is put online. An article triggering a large number of likes and shares more often than not results in a new buzz.

Social networks are often indicative of online trends and popular topics. Probing these increasingly more numerous networks containing information which quickly becomes outdated is key. Keeping an eye on the (online) changes in your area of expertise is a crucial aspect of your communication strategy. Whether it is staying in touch with news in your field or activity, detecting what people say about you or simply developing new content ideas, being aware of the latest trends guarantees that your online presence is tailored to your market’s expectations.

Here is how Trending Topics works: The tool scans all information shared on the Internet in real time and registers any ‘likes’ as well as the speed at which they are posted. An hourly growth rate of likes is calculated and published.

The tool answers to the needs of all organisations and enterprises wishing to be informed of the online trends and what is being said about their sector in real time. The results can be tailored by introducing criteria of your choice. Imagine that you are a major player in sustainable development. Trending Topics allows you to filter out the articles which are relevant to your activities, with the possibility to refine and search through the results according to keywords, sources or authors.

Trending Topics analyses the French-speaking, Dutch-speaking and even the international press. The tool scans thousands of online sources. Filters help prioritise the collected information by date, number of likes, growth rate as well as new vs. older trends.

Trending Topics can help you save precious minutes by monitoring the most-shared content that matters to you. Its user-friendly interface keeps you informed of the hottest online topics. Trending Topics is smart, reliable and efficient. Try it and you will love it!

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