Clipping, a thing of the past. Media Intelligence a thing of the future

Clipping, a thing of the past. Media Intelligence a thing of the future

For ages people have been referring to ‘clipping’ as the sole activity in our business. While that may have been the truth for quite some time, the business market should acknowledge that ‘clipping’ has become an activity of the past.

Embracing new technologies that go far beyond ‘clipping’, our industry introduced ‘media intelligence’. So let’s have a look at the past and future.

Cut and paste

In the early 20th century when businesses started showing an interest in how or when brands are mentioned in the media, there was only one medium available: the printed press. Therefore it is not a surprise that cutting and pasting articles referring to a brand was known as ‘clipping’. As media technologies changed, the term kept on being used by various markets, despite its rather old-fashioned reference.

Embracing means saying goodbye

Consider the following technological advancements over the last 100 years: radio, tv, fax, internet, streaming and many other technologies that have or are conquering the consumer’s market. Trying to analyse all those to show a brand’s media coverage would just not suffice with a mere ‘clipping’, it requires more. This is why the business industry should realize we should start using ‘clipping’ when referring to media analysis in the past (pre 2000s).

Media intelligence ready for the future

As modern technologies are being introduced on frequent basis, Auxipress started using ‘media intelligence’ as opposed to ‘clipping’ or even ‘media monitoring’. With ‘intelligence’ we refer to computer-assisted media analysis and to experimenting with new media, looking for the best solutions to anticipate to a constantly changing market. Obviously we strongly keep on investing in human interference to ensure top-notch quality when delivering media analysis results to our customers.

In this modern digital society ‘clipping’ has become a thing of the past. Semantically the term has become too limiting looking at the current media analysis activities. We make it our personal mission to familiarize the business market with ‘media intelligence’ as it covers so much more.

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