FIBEP Copyright Talks #2: Update about the copyright in Europe

FIBEP Copyright Talks #2: Update about the copyright in Europe

Last Friday, February first, 25 FIBEP colleagues from 12 different countries met at Kantar Média offices for the 2nd edition of the Copyright Talks.

Led by Christophe Dickès (Kantar Media), the discussions covered many copyright situations in different European Media Monitoring and Analysis companies. Two lawyers specialised in European Copyright joined to share their expertise.

This special day started with an update on the European Copyright directive and its impact on the media monitoring and analysis industry, given by Mrs. Gaullier (Vercken & Gaullier). This was followed by the intervention of our expert in copyright, Thierry Cornez (COO & Board member). He presented the Belgian situation and its complexity due to the two languages in the country. He also explained the Auxipress monitoring history in this respect and the different agreements the company has with the press editors. Next, Michael Maillinger (Kantar Media DE) shared insights about the expensive situation in Germany related to the new digital licensing approach.

During the afternoon, participants continued the discussions and exchanges around the situation in Poland, presented by Krzysztof Sitkiewicz (Instytut Monotorowania Mediów), who described a context with agreements (or not) and a significant pressure from the publishers. Christophe Dickès then spoke about the case of the long negotiations on the use of audiovisual media in France and the defence of the principle of fair remuneration.

During the second part of the afternoon, Valérie-Laure Benabou and Florence Gaullier described relevant law cases for the media monitoring industry. They captivated the attention of their public with problems related to linking, copying content and competition issues. A highly interesting session for everyone who was present. Unfortunately, there was too little time to cover all the aspects planned and numerous questions of the public. Then, Thomas Vejleman (Infomedia) took the stage with an update from the Nordic countries. He covered the various aspects of the one-to-one relation between publishers and media monitoring organisations, copyright and the evolution of their market.

In conclusion, we can affirm that this second edition of the FIBEP Copyright Talks was a day filled with high quality insights and that it should take place again soon. The participants had the occasion to share knowledge on topic which are so important for our industry. Each participant was able to gather some information about how the situation is in other European countries. The event confirmed that each media monitoring company is involved. This might not change soon, but thanks to the FIBEP, we have some days to exchange expertise and to grow stronger together.

See you next year for a third edition?

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