FREE Insights

Free Insights is your newsjacking tool that is 100% free!

It includes 4 dashboards put entirely at your disposal, that evolve in real time and include everything that is going viral on social media and in the media.

The dashboards are divided between French-speaking and Dutch-speaking content as well as between viral content of the last 24 hours and the last 7 days. This should make for an easy and enjoyable experience of what’s making the news today in Belgium.

With Free Insights, facilitate the day-to-day work of your community manager by offering him a wealth of information and publications that he’ll be able to take advantage of and on which your brand can build on!

Capitalize on the virality of Tweets, Facebook or Instagram posts to incorporate your brand in the news and benefit from the social and media impact of your actions.

Discover Twitter Free Insights

Thanks to your Twitter Free Insights dashboard, you spot the hashtags that work best at the moment and that allow you to associate your brand with what Twittos are talking about the most!

Find THE hashtag of the moment and use it in your own social strategy to benefit from its broad exposure.

Twitter Free Insights allows you to spot the Tweets that have made, are making and will make the buzz in the coming hours thanks to a virality curve and a specific trending score.

Dashboard Twitter

Discover Instagram Free Insights

With your Instagram Free Insights dashboard, discover the most engaging content published by the Belgian media on Instagram.

At a glance, you can identify the pictures that have created the buzz in the Belgian media on Instagram in the last 24 hours or in the last 7 days.

Build on the news of the moment and interact with the media creating the buzz right now!

Dashboard Instagram

Discover Facebook Free Insights

Facebook Free Insights is your tool to seize the most covered topics on social media in order to get a reaction from YOUR community.

Create the buzz by taking over the most engaging publications of the major Belgian media over the last 24 hours or the last 7 days!

Associate your brand with what’s making people talk on Facebook and capitalize on this visibility.

Dashboard Facebook

Discover Media Trends Free Insights

Media Trends Free Insights is your opportunity to understand the Belgian media agenda of the last few days or weeks, at a glance.

Discover the major themes that are at the center of attention in the French-speaking and Dutch speaking parts of Belgium, as well as how they have evolved over the last few days or weeks.

Detect the most talked about political figures in Belgium thanks to Media Trends Free Insights.

Dashboard Media Trends