Interview with Niko from PressRelations

Interview with Niko from PressRelations

How has the crisis around Covid-19 changed communication and marketing strategies. Find out more in our 3-part interview series. In this article with Niko, member of the marketing team and management board at PressRelations, an international service provider for cross-media monitoring and analysis services based in Germany.

Niko works at PressRelations, an international service provider for cross-media monitoring and analysis services based in Germany, he started as a social media project manager where he was doing the social media analytics reports. And then he switches from the social media team to the marketing team and to the member management board.

Q1/ Did you change strategy following the Covid-19?

When the coronavirus crisis started, we were preparing events and we had to move, not only all our work but all our complete marketing activities to the digital world, overnight. We had to quickly revise our content plan completely because in the first few weeks it seemed almost impossible to set topics beyond Covid-19. We also ask our self what impact would have the crisis on our customers and how we could use our experience to help them get through it well.

Q2/ The crisis has accelerated the digitalization of companies, which, in turn, will allow companies to overcome this crisis. Do you agree?

Yes, absolutely. Fortunately for us home office and the company organization and communication were already well established. So, we could switch to the home office overnight and without any problems and of course we let all our customers to know that the situation is not a challenge and that they can continue to rely on us. For us this is a big advantage which we can successfully get through the crisis in order to let our customers benefit from our experience. The crisis will accelerate the process of digitalization in Germany I would say and it’s about time.

Q3/ Have you increased in the number of webinars, social media posts, etc.?

We have much more webinars, blog posts referring to topics that are very digital. When it comes to social media post, we were digital already before the crisis so there nothing has changed. In addition to webinar, mailing and so on, we also support our customer for the new service that we offer free of charge during the crisis. Everyday we manually create a management summary from all relevant online media for the German and for international market. And also, a compilation of the most important online articles on economic aspect of the crisis.

Q4/ What tools or methods will you keep after this period?

We discover slacks one month before the crisis, we were lucky to have it and to already work with it and have established it. And once a week we have our so-called team info where each and every colleague in all of countries we are at, come together then we use Zoom.

Q5/ Did you have to make compromises? Cancelling events maybe?

We had to cancel all our events and switch all our marketing activities into the digital world but except that there are no concessions.

Q6/ Do you already have post-confinement marketing projects or strategy?

For the last one and half years we were working in our rebranding, so we created a new corporate identity with a new design, corporate language, etc. As part as this process we made a new website an so on and then corona happen and we still have to do some of the next steps which include a non-digital marketing materials that we do not need now but we will use after the corona crisis. So, we are now also using our time to prepare that and to go the next steps of our rebranding.

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