Interview with Pietro Biglia from L’eco della Stampa

Interview with Pietro Biglia from L’eco della Stampa

How has the crisis around Covid-19 changed communication and marketing strategies ? Find out more in our 3-part interview series. In this article with Pietro Biglia who works in marketing at L’eco della Stampa, a media monitoring company based in Italy, where he has helped build the communication stragegy.

Pietro works in marketing at L’eco della Stampa, a media monitoring company based in Italy, where he has helped build the communication strategy. But as time passed, his role has evolved, and on top of the communication strategy, Pietro now also helps with product development, events organization, etc.

Q1/ Did you change strategy following the Covid-19?

Yes of course, we had to. We had another strategy in place, but the circumstances meant we had to change it. Our communication changed massively. We spoke about the Covid-19, about the measures the company took to ensure the health of everyone, about the homeworking measures we took. We produced a new content strategy about the Covid-19 from scratch.

We also tried to read a lot about the situation, how companies and sectors were affected. We also checked important case studies. We tried to get informed as much as we could!

Q2/ The crisis has accelerated the digitalization of companies, which, in turn, will allow companies to overcome this crisis. Do you agree?

Yes, digitalization is needed! For us, digitalization was already there before the crisis. Or at least, we had already started the process. But the Covid-19 has fastened this process. Homeworking for instance, has made us more efficient. We have more time to focus on specific projects, without getting distracted. Communication wise, we now use Microsoft Teams or Slack to discuss within the company.

Q3/ Have you noticed an increase in the number of webinars, social media posts, etc.?

Yes, because everyone was at home, so it made sense to increase the number of social media posts. We had a schedule of webinars that we had already increased pre-coronavirus. So, we didn’t have to increase too much during this lockdown period. We had different types of webinars (product webinars, as well as interviews with influencers and important figures in specific industries or topics). Additionally, we tried to change topics to stay relevant for our viewers.

Q4/ What tools or methods will you keep after this period?

During the lockdown we tried a few tools. We continue to use some of them, that are efficient for us. For instance, we will keep most people from the company in homeworking until at least September. And maybe it will stay like that in the future, we do not know yet, and it also depends on the evolution of the pandemic.

Q5/ Did you have to make compromises? Cancelling events maybe?

Yes, we had some partnerships, and some events we were going to participate to. For most of them we could participate online, so we were lucky that way. We were not heavily impacted by that. The companies organizing the events are the ones that suffered the most.

Q6/ Do you already have post-confinement marketing projects or strategy?

In Italy, and probably in other countries as well, people are extremely bored of hearing about Covid-19 by now, so we try to mix it up and change topics. We do it slowly of course, but we try to talk about the news of the day, about the new social media coming up for instance. We also tend to change topics depending on the person we will interview in our next webinar.

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