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A word about our company:

Auxipress is the market leader in Belgium in the field of media monitoring and analysis. We identify the exact content of all media: print, radio, television, news, Internet and social media. Our solutions enable brands and companies to know their media impact and to discover their evolution placed in their context. We make sense of the media and help companies achieve their strategic objectives.

Within Auxipress, our Analysis department offers brands and institutions a range of products and services that enable them to study in depth their visibility with the media and the public.

The range of possibilities is wide and allows us to offer our clients indicators of their visibility ranging from "facts and figures" to predictive studies. In this context, we truly support and advise our clients. We insist on the importance of relationships in order to become a real partner for our customers.

Each study is personalised and meets specifications drawn up in close collaboration with the client. Each study is the result of an upstream preparatory work: knowledge of the sector addressed, reading of what is distributed on the brand (the Institution,...)

Our contacts are the communications, PR and Marketing departments.

Your mission:

We are looking for someone to help us in our studies and who feels able to support us in the reflection on the construction of SWOT analyses for clients.

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