Lockdown with a graphic designer

Lockdown with a graphic designer

On this very special period we are all living in, how are our colleagues doing? How does everyone organise their work? Do they have some funny stories or tips to share? In order to share some insider stories about how a media intelligence company adapted and, maybe to bring a smile in your days, we propose a series of testimonials. To start, as self-designated volunteers: the marketing team and particularly our Graphic Designer.

Day 10 of confinement and I think I have broken the record of most consecutive days spent in pyjamas. Sitting in front of my computer writing this, I realise that my work life has become more enjoyable. I already spend most of my day in front of a computer working, so that does not change much. However, I do not need to spend more than two hours a day in my car, and I can’t spend half of my paycheck on overpriced supermarket salads.

There are, however, some drawbacks to this confinement. Projects have stopped. Clients seem to fear for their financial future, so I received a few “projects on pause” mails which is understandable but make my future unclear. I’m waiting on this to all blow over to asses the damage it has done to our economy and how I will have to adapt.

Luckily, at the moment I still have work to do for Auxipress. Fortunately, I even find myself working more than when I’m at the office. COVID-19 has had a measurable impact on the media which means that we need to transform the raw data about the crisis in visuals for newsletters and social media posts. We also try to keep our presence online active with posts and articles for which we make all the visuals. Next to all these new tasks, there are the daily visuals we need to make for articles we post on our websites and photos that need to be retouched from previous projects. Overall, there is a lot of work to do and now more time to do it.

By distancing myself from the people I care about is a small price to pay to help others. I now see my friends during a weekly Skype poker evening and talk to them through memes posted on a shared WhatsApp account. I talk to my family through the windows of my apartment and sadly also through memes my mother insists on sending me.

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