Media Intelligence : World Recycling Day

Media Intelligence : World Recycling Day

For the World Recycling Day, on the 15th of November, Auxipress has done media analysis on data crossing and contextualization in order to bring some media trends into light around the topic of recycling. You will discover in the 4 graphs the big trends, the mediatisation, the context and finally the European audience around recycling.

The media trend on recycling is relatively stable in the Belgian written an online press. Recycling stays furthermore an average interest/challenge (not overrepresented, neither underrepresented) in the media agendas.

Globally, the French speaking media show more interest in recycling than the Dutch speaking media. The magazine Trends shows the biggest interest in recycling. Metro FR, Trends Tendances, l’Avenir and la Dernière Heure are part of the top 5 showing the biggest interests in recycling.

Recycling raises mostly interest among the media through the prism of ecology, waste, energy, sustainable development and environmental protection. In media analysis, companies and consumers are the main actors associated with the “recycling” interest. Both are presented as key actors in the recycling debate. The politicians are also playing a central part in the mediatisation of recycling.

* Based on the Facebook audience and interests

Poland is the country where the interest for recycling is the most shared by men. It is also the country where the average age of interest for recycling is the youngest. On the contrary, Portugal is the country where the interest for recycling is the most supported by women. The countries where the interest for recycling is supported by the highest average age are: Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Finland. On the contrary, the countries where the interested person in recycling represent the lowest average age are: Poland, Austria and Germany. Finally, Belgium positions in the heart of the European average of interests for recycling, namely a 40 year old woman.

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