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The Media Monitoring department supports its clients in managing their media visibility, by providing all relevant information across a wide range of press media, web, radio, television and social media, throughout the Benelux, in Europe as a member of GMI, and in the rest of the world as a member of FIBEP.

As a leading Media Intelligence agency and a privileged observer of trends in brand media applications, Auxipress has developed an invaluable know-how in capturing and qualifying information about our clients’ brands, competitors, and market trends.  

Working together with Auxipress, our clients value the intelligent interpretation of data, insights and recommendations allowing them to manage and anticipate the major challenges of their communication to develop their brands’ leadership and know their media environment.

The distinctive foundation of Auxipress’ Monitoring offering consists of these components:

  • A complete range of monitoring solutions for every challenge
  • An excellent and complete range of multimedia and social media sources covering the Benelux, Europe and the rest of the world
  • The services of our media experts
  • The best balance between technology and services

How it works?


Our work starts with the profiling. We make sure to deeply understand the needs of our clients in order to create a strong universe of keywords around their brand.


Once the profile is set up, we listen to every media in over 156 countries around the world to gather all potential mentions.

Human analysis

After a first technology-based selection comes the human intrepretation. Our team of media experts narrow down to qualitative results and create strong analytics out of it.


Finally, we make sure to deliver the relevant content in an optimal way. All of our solutions are mobile-friendly and easily shareable.

Our solutions

Media sources

Media sources

Every day we search for the relevant information for you based on your search profile and keywords in order to deliver you a quality press review.
  • Daily delivery or real-time customizable alert;
  • PDF & online access;
  • Media analysis with key insights such as audience, circulation or advertising value equivalency;
  • 25 priority sources as from 5 am;
  • 1500+ global sources constantly updated;
  • Your articles will be available on the « Uniq »  platform 24/7, during 1 year.
With this system, combining the technology and know-how of our listeners, you're sure to receive only the relevant playlists for you, 7 days a week, within 45 minutes after they are broadcast.
  • Real-time customizable alert;
  • MP4 & online access;
  • Media analysis with key insights such as audience, categorization or broadcast time;
  • 300+ global sources constantly updated;
  • National, regional and local news;
  • 7 days a week;
  • Your selections are available on the « Uniq » platform « Uniq », 24/7, during 1 month; 
  • Available on our mobile app AuxiAlert.
This ultra-fast system combines e-mail alert and the sending of « push » notifications via our mobile application « AuxiAlert ».
  • Daily delivery or real-time customizable alert;
  • PDF & online access;
  • Media analysis with key insights such as the journalist and the audience;
  • 30 priority sources as from 6 am;
  • 2000+ global sources constantly updated;
  • 7 days a week.
Social Media
Social Media
Listening to every major social media around the world, we help you cut through the noise and go to the essential.
  • Daily delivery;
  • PDF & online access;
  • Media analysis with key insights such as potential reach, top influencers & engagement;
  • Global coverage;
  • 7 days a week.
  • 7 leading global service providers from the media-monitoring and analysis industry;
  • Bringing together their resources in more than 15 countries, 24/7 availability due to their global footprint;
  • Joint standards, such as in the field of data transmission, technology and know-how;
  • The teams are closely working together and constantly developing new solutions and strategies.

Stakes & Solutions

Stakes & Solutions

Brands, Personalities, Events, Competitors
Brands, Personalities, Events, Competitors
Capture the relevant information for these 4 fundamental aspects
  • Monitor what is being said about your brands in the media, what your target groups say on social media;
  • Detect the personalities that matter in your media landscape, your spokespersons, your ambassadors, your detractors;
  • Whether you organise events or wish to be informed of important events in your sector, do not miss out on the information that counts;
  • Keep a close eye on your competition, choose your monitoring angles and you will know everything relevant about their media presence, actions and decisions.
Risks & Crisis
Risks & Crisis
Detect the minor risk indicators that could turn into major crises
  • The evolution of your media visibility could reveal important risk indicators you cannot afford to miss, in terms of the tone of messages, how they spread, and how often they are being picked up;
  • Our experts continuously work with clients to keep the monitoring parameters in line with the detected risk zones;
  • Not all crises can be avoided, but our experts can set up systems to guide you through a moment of crisis, to signal, measure, and analyse what is happening and allow our clients to develop the best possible counter strategies.
Advertising & Sponsoring
Advertising & Sponsoring
Follow up on your advertising and sponsoring investments as closely as possible
  • Detect and measure your advertising messages in the media;
  • Obtain valuable reportings;
  • Detect your brands and logos in the press, on radio and television, measure their presence and calculate their impact on your audience.
Alerte Fake News & Buzz Fake News & Buzz Alerts
Fake News & Buzz Alerts
Keep an eye on the trustworthiness of your information and catch the buzz as soon as you can.
  • Fake news has become part of our media landscape. Auxipress tackles this problem by measuring the trustworthiness of information, allowing our clients to be aware and in the know;
  • Buzz phenomena tend to accelerate media time, rarely for the better. These phenomena can damage our clients’ image;
  • Fake news and Buzz require very fast response and selectiveness. Auxipress built an Alert Service to meet that need and allow our clients to benefit from our expertise in these inevitable challenges. 


Alerte Fake News & Buzz Summaries, Newsletters, Press Reviews
Summaries, Newsletters, Press Reviews
Aller à l’essentiel, le choix des modèles de diffusion et de documents.

Focus on the essence, the choice of reporting models and documents

  • Daily or weekly reporting;
  • Different time slots possible;
  • Selective multimedia information;
  • Monitoring based on the topics of choice;
  • Variable degree of detail depending on your choices;
  • Sources listed, with or without links to the articles;
  • Lay-out models from basic to more advanced.

Press Review

  • Highlighting and distributing media management among co-workers;
  • Your multimedia press review with the articles monitored for you, arranged by your topics;
  • Direct access to every article starting from a detailed summary;
  • Reporting by e-mail and Pdf, and accessible on our Uniq Platform.
Real-time Alerts
Real-time Alerts
Web, Radio & TV Alerts.

Print, Web, Radio & TV Alerts

  • Access to your press, web, radio and tv selections;
  • Manage your selections on a daily basis;
  • 7 days/week;
  • Top 40 news websites, 500 radio/tv items;
  • Mobile App AuxiAlert.
Facial recognition and logo detection
Facial recognition and logo detection
Captez vos images dans la presse et TV.

Capture your images in the press and TV

  • Images are gaining on text, it is no longer possible to ignore them;
  • Auxipress puts AI technology to work for our customers;
  • Our customers provide us with the images of logos they wish to detect, Auxipress does the rest;
  • Detection possible in the press and on TV;
  • Reporting on detections, exposure and audience;
  • To take it even further, our customers can do the same for relevant personalities.
Reporting & AVE
Reporting & AVE
All reporting associated with your monitoring activities. Measure the R.O.I. of your PR activity and your media visibility. Our team of analysts measures the exact place of your brand (and/or competitors) in various publications, ranks them by topic and calculates their advertising value.
  • View reports on the key figures of your media landscape;
  • The first AVE indicators and others;
  • Key information like top journalists and the weekly evolution of your advertising value. 
Platform Uniq & App
Platform Uniq & App
La plateforme Uniq est l’environnement de travail privilégié de nos clients.

Uniq platform, dedicated to our customers

  • Platform 360° going from monitoring to analyses, multimedia;
  • A work space that presents the essention of our indicators and information;
  • All information available concerning your subscriptions;
  • Easiliy contact Auxipress’ services;
  • Personalized widgets;
  • All your articles and multimedia content in one place;
  • Search possibilities, categorization and advanced consultation.

AuxiAlert App

  • Access to your print, web, radio/tv selections on your smartphone or tablet;
  • Manage your media alerts with an astonishing facility;
  • Get a notification as soon as a news item has been selected;
  • Filter your selections according to your preferences;
  • Master and manage your media selections on a daily basis.
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