My internship during quarantine

My internship during quarantine

On this very special period we are all living in, how are our colleagues doing? How does everyone organizes his work ? Do they have some funny stories or tipps to share? In order to share some insider stories about how a media intelligence company adapted and, maybe to bring a smile in your days, we propose a serie of testimonials. To start, as auto designated volunteers: the marketing team.

On the 10th of February I left the Netherlands to do an internship in Brussels. I was really excited as this was a new chapter for me. I would finally experience living on my own in a big multicultural city, I would make new contacts, to make it short: this internship would be a time to remember. Little did I know that a certain virus would change my plans. The first month at Auxipress was really amazing, I thought that it would take weeks for me to integrate the team. Luckily everyone was super kind and open to me and after a few days I had the idea that I was part of the team already. On the 9th of march my university strongly advised me to return to the Netherlands due to the development of the virus in Europe.

This is when my quarantine adventure began. The first few days were the easiest, I still could concentrate on my work and I didn’t miss the social interactions that I had at work. The second week of homeworking was very different, I found it very difficult to concentrate me on the work I had to do (because I had an old wooden chair as an office chair) and I was missing all the interactions that I had at work. At the end of the second week I finally found my concentration back (thanks to a new chair) and I had planned a few skype meetings with my friends to try to socialize a bit. I hope that the quarantine will be lifted as soon as possible

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