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Discover the “Unknown Street” thanks to a STIB mobile application

From Thursday 19 September to Sunday 22 September, during the Mobility Week, the Unknown Street created by STIB was the place to be. The program included DJ's sets, afterworks, artistic installations, a flower market, a bar, a pop-up store and exclusive events. The only way to find out where this secret place was, was to download and use the STIB's new mobile application.

For more information:  Dh net

A new YouTube ad format for connected TV

With YouTube users watching increasingly more content via their connected TV, the streaming giant has announced a new ad format specifically designed for this purpose. The new TV-screen specific ad will allow advertisers to take full advantage of the audio and visual experience of a regular TV, which is expected to grow viewers’ engagement. Taking the form of the Masthead format, the ad will show up when users open their YouTube app.

For more information:  Social Media Today


The first hotel reserved for esports will soon open its doors

The phenomenon of esports is constantly growing. In addition to tournaments and other international events, esports enthusiasts and professionals will soon be able to stay in a hotel dedicated to this video game phenomenon.

See you in April 2020 to discover the e-Zone hotel.

For more information:  Japan Today


Google claims to have achieved quantum supremacy

According to a brief publication, Google has achieved quantum supremacy, i.e. solving a problem via a quantum system while being insoluble with traditional computing. Their experimental supercomputer allowed a specific calculation in 3 minutes when it would have taken Summit, the most powerful supercomputer in the world, 10.000 years to do the same.

For more information: Interesting Ingengineering

Smartphone affects productivity at work

Interrupting your work or activity to take a break is good for your brain. But, according to a recent study, scrolling on your smartphone during a break would cancel the positive effects of that break on your brain. According to the researchers, the negative effect of consulting our phone would be linked to the addictive feeling of reward that it gives to the user.

For more information: Geeko Lesoir


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