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Digital News #11 - Look what you missed out in digital

Alibaba unveils a new ultra-powerful IA chip

It is a small revolution in the world of cloud computing. With the IA Hanguang 800 chips, Alibaba says we can now accomplish a task that used to take 1 hour in just 5 minutes. It is no secret that Chinese tech companies seek to shift away from reliance on foreign manufacturers. Did they manage to do so?

For more information:  Techxplore 


Facebook relaunches the virtual reality this November with a new Oculus for Business B2B platform

The potential of virtual reality in business is not to be neglected. According to ABI Research, the VR training market will be worth $6.3 billion in 2022. Facebook is aware of this and is launching an offensive in the sector focused on its Oculus Quest and Oculus Go headsets. Will companies be able to leverage this B2B platform to benefit from the business customer service?

For more information:  VirtualRealityTimes

Twitter launches a filter to hide offensive DM

Twitter has taken new measures to reduce social media abuse on their platform. After a month of testing, the company has unveiled its new filtering process to hide offensive direct messages sent from strangers into the inbox. The new feature will especially be beneficial to high profile female accounts that still get loads of unwanted messages every day.

For more information:  SocialMediaToday

Yandex: The Russian equivalent of Google is making headlines again

Last year was the launch of a smartphone, then the acquisition of intellectual property and call centers from Vezet. Their latest innovation: an online video service that is supposed to rival youtube. The new video service, will allow its users to publish content.

For more information:  Reuters

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