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Digital News #12 - Look what you missed out in digital

Are we about to see augmented reality in football stadiums?

A French startup is currently trying to apply augmented reality on the football field with the goal of enhancing the supporters’ experience in the stadium. The startup, called, carried out a test during a German football game, in which supporters were given access to the footballers’ individual stats by filming the game with their smartphone. They were for example able to see the average speed, the number of passes or the distance run by the players they filmed.

For more information:  Businessinder


A robotic system allows a paralysed man to walk

A 28-year-old paralysed man has been able to walk using a pioneering robotic system that is commanded and controlled by signals from his brain. The results published in The Lancet Neurolgy journal are very positive according to the doctors but for now, this is a purely experimental prototype and it’s far from clinical application.

For more information:  IrishTimes


Instagram launches Threads, an app to communicate with close friends

Instagram has just announced a new application called "Threads", which is strongly inspired by Snapchat. Threads wants to offer more functionalities than Direct, Instagram's internal messaging system. Where Threads looks to differentiate from other messaging apps is in its Status and Auto Status tools.

For more information :  SocialMediatoday


What does it feel like to take a break from Facebook ?

Facebook can be addictive, it is hard to deny. How many of you consider yourself a social network addict?! To find out just how much they were addicted and what effects the social network actually has on them, students decided to turn off Facebook for a week. The first observations: it would make you less depressed but ...  Click on the link below to learn more: For more information :    BlogDuModérateur

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