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Digital News #14 - Look what you missed out in digital

The most powerful brands in the world

Every year, Interbrand, the consultancy brand of Omnicom, evaluates the top brands’ financial performance and ranks them accordingly. The three most valuable brands in 2019 are Apple, Google and Amazon according to this report. While the top 10 is mostly dominated by tech companies, this year’s seemingly big news is that Facebook leaves that same top 10. The privacy and security issues highlighted this year are reasons used to explain this drop.

For more information:  CNBC


Connected devices and digital pollution

We are using increasingly more connected devices today and this has an environmental impact as well. Today, the digital is responsible for 3.8% of the greenhouse gas emission, and 4.2% of the global energy consumption. While in 2020, connected devices are expected to generate only 1% of the environmental impact of the digital, in 2025 this number will amount to something between 18% and 23%.

For more information:  Businessinsider


The Vatican launches a smart prayer rosary

The Vatican does not skimp on ways to modernize its image. How?! With an intelligent rosary, that incorporates both the characteristics of the traditional rosary and the connected elements. Thus, the rosary is presented in the form of a bracelet made of black agate and hematite beads, but also has an intelligent cross that stores all the connected technology of the object. The main goal? To promote the practice of prayer among young people. 

For more information:  TechnologyInquirer

Users of the Mercedes application saw the personal data of other owners

Customers of the German manufacturer experienced a glitch for at least a few hours on October 18 when they discovered data from other owners of vehicles of the brand. A few hours after the first reports, Mercedes made the application unavailable, suggesting a "Website maintenance" operation. The car manufacturer has not officially commented on the reasons for the problem.

For more information: TheDigitalWise


Faky seems to have been short-lived

RTBF decided to suspend Faky on Friday afternoon, only a few hours after the presentation of this new platform to fight against misinformation and fake news. Faky offers to analyze texts from their URL link as well as photos that simply need to be downloaded. The user can also submit a keyword to consult related fact-checking contents. However, several journalists were surprised by the poor results obtained by serious publications on the Faky platform.  

For more information:  Lalibre

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