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Digital News #16 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world

​Pinterest on the rise ​

Pinterest released their numbers for the third quarter of 2019 and they are reflecting the very good performances of the brand over the last few years. Pinterest showed a strong increase in both revenue and monthly active users. With 22 million new users over the last quarter, the social media reaches a total of 322 million monthly active users. The brand also posted an increase in revenue for this quarter of 47% year on year.

Fore more information:  SocialMediaToday

Happy birthday Internet!

The internet officially turned 50-years-old last Tuesday. It was invented by the American engineer Vinton G. Cerf on October 29, 1969 at the University of California. A half-century of existence that has seen the network evolve considerably and give rise to countless transformations in society. So much that it now affects almost every aspect of our lives.

For more information:  Usine-Digitale

Google makes a brand-new acquisition

Rumours had been hanging over the subject for many days. But it was finally this weekend that the news was confirmed. Fitbit was acquired by Google for a modest sum of money : $2.1 billion. This acquisition should help the watch brand, which had been stagnating for some time. The proof with the Fitbit's stock price, which soared 17% on Friday.

For more information:  Techcrunch

The streaming war can begin

Video streaming offers have widely increased these last few years. With Apple tv+ coming on the market, we now have the largest choice of platforms we have ever had. The packages and content differ on these various platforms in order to offer the best possible proposals to users who can now choose between Netflix, Disney+, Prime video, StarzPlay or Be TV among others.

For more information:   Lecho

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