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Digital News #22 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world

Voice ads will soon become interactive

Pandora, the music streaming platform has been testing a new advertising format: the interactive voice ad. It allows listeners to respond to the ad by speaking out loud. A few advertisers such as Unilever, Wendy’s or Doritos for instance, have tried the new format. Typically, the ad will explain the product shortly before asking a question that will trigger the rest of the ad depending on the listener’s vocal answer. 

Proximus and RMB launch addressable TV in Belgium

Proximus, together with the RMB (régie média belge) has planned to launch its addressable TV advertising platform in 2020. The service will allow advertising sales agencies such as RMB, to target specific sets of TV viewers depending on their profiles and their interests. Addressable TV is already implemented in Flanders, but this is a positive step for advertisers in the French-speaking part of the country.

Google’s most popular queries in Belgium

With the end of the year approaching, Google has unveiled the most popular searches of 2019 in Belgium. The term that was most often searched in Belgium is Wtfock, the Dutch-speaking tv show, followed by the tragic death of Julie van Espen. With the Tour de France starting from Brussels this year, the event was quite logically the most searched event on Google in Belgium. Google provides a detailed ranking on the link below.

How do you become the community manager of Queen Elizabeth II?

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to work for the British Royal Family? Well, this is now possible. At 93, Elizabeth II is a connected woman. And that's why she's looking for her next community manager. Buckingham Palace offers a full-time contract for £45,000 to £50,000 per year. By the way, it is not too late to apply. The job offer is valid until 24 December on LinkedIn.

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