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Digital news #3 - Look what you missed out on digital last week!

The use of mobile devices and internet is still growing

Hootsuite and We Are Social published their report about digital, social and mobile consumption in this second semester of 2019. Access to the internet grew again by 8,2% in the world and rose above half of the world’s population. Today 56% of the people have access to the internet and half of them via a mobile device. The type of media the most consumed via internet is video, followed by music streaming. Facebook remains the social network with the biggest number of users.

Source: We Are Social


Monaco is officially the first country in the world fully covered with 5G

The telecom provider Monaco Telecom showed beginning of May its program +Extended Monaco+ that intends to transform the principality into a numerical lab and to enable it to switch to become a smart city. Many services will be provided in transports or security. The change will happen with the help of Huawei’s equipment, for which it is a great opportunity of collaboration and development of a positive image.

Source : Geeko by Le Soir


Beware: 50% more cyber-attacks since last year, no device type is safe

The last report from Check Point on cyber attacks for the first semester 2019 shows that the number of attacks rose by 50% since last year. The study affirms that no device is safe anymore, since pirates’ technologies are evolving. They mainly target companies’ data and clouds, private mobile phones, banking apps but also still the most well-known e-mail platforms. The lack of security habits, configuration mistakes or the bad management of resources on Clouds keep on being the main threats for the Cloud ecosystem in 2019.

Source: Digimedia


A drop in smartphone sales

Smartphones sales are expected to drop by 2.5% this year. It is due to a few different factors, namely the bad economy, the ever-increasing prices, but also the fact that smartphones have a slower upgrade cycle now than before. The decrease in sales is the biggest in North America, Western Europe and Japan. However, a rebound is expected in 2020 thanks to the launch of 5G smartphones.

Source: Tech Crunch


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