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Digital News #35 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world 


A virtual library on Minecraft against online censorship

RSF (Reporters Sans Frontières or Reporters Without Borders) is building a free library in Minecraft to fight online censorship. This virtual building was built for the International Day Against Internet Censorship on Thursday, March 12th. The association launched the library to offer players in countries practicing online censorship access to certain items that are usually out of their reach. 


Instagram updates for COVID-19

Instagram is now banning people from searching for filters related to the virus and also adds new information to home feeds. The application is now expanding its COVID-19 response tools, with additional information panels in the main feed to help people get relevant and up-to-date resources. 


What if your smartphone could connect to your brain?

In order to fight against the phenomenon of identity theft, the Scientific Director of the Belgian Armed Forces has invented a totally unique and impossible to usurp personalisation system. It is based on the dialogue between the brain and the hand. When the hand moves to pick up a mobile phone, the system measures the micro-vibrations in the muscles and translates them to distinguish whether the hand belongs to the legitimate owner of the mobile phone or not.  


Connected pair of soles for football fans

Google launched a partnership with Adidas, Electronic Arts and Jacquard: the connected pair of soles. This will allow the player to collect performance data for sporting purposes but also to add it to the FIFA mobile application to unlock benefits. This technology should delight football fans who will be able to convert their physical efforts into virtual benefits. 

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