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Digital News #37 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world 


A versatile delivery drone

In view of the current situation, home delivery methods must become more diversified and increasingly innovative. UPS has announced a partnership with start-up Wingcopter to develop quieter and more versatile delivery drones. The goal is to enable a single drone to meet the needs of multiple customers.  


The WHO organization is developing an application to fight against coronavirus

The World Health Organization is about to launch an application in the fight against COVID-19. The aim of the application will be to fight the fake news that are spreading about the pandemic. It will also provide news, advices, alerts and tools to keep the population informed about the evolution of the disease. 


HouseParty : the perfect application during the lockdown

The HouseParty app is the app everyone is talking about during this lockdown. It's a concept that allows video conversations in "rooms" of up to 8 people, but also allows to play online games with several people. The problem with this application is its very lax privacy policy. The application gives access to a lot of information which is quite worrying in terms of data security. 


Is it still possible to date someone in this coronavirus period?

Everyone is stuck at home, which makes it difficult to meet new people. That's why this American came up with the idea of creating a dating application for the lockdown. This allows you to create dates by videochat. In addition to being able to meet new people, this application also reminds you to wash your hands on a regular basis. 

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