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Digital news #4 - Look what you missed out on digital last week!

How much are you prepared to pay for your favourite apps?

A recent survey from McGuffin Group asked users the price they were prepared to pay for their favourite free apps. As it turns out, YouTube is the app users would pay the most money to have access to, with 4.20$ per month, followed by Google Maps (3.48$) and Google Drive (3.31$). Facebook ranked 4th and Instagram 9th. WhatsApp was the app most users were prepared to pay for, with 89% even though it only ranked 11th on the amount of money users would pay to have access.

For more information: social media today


Google’s plan to use recycled materials

Google is working hard to improve its carbon footprint. The internet giant has recently unveiled some of its environmental goals for the years ahead. In a few months, beginning 2020, every single shipping coming from or to Google’s clients will be carbon neutral. And from 2022 onwards, all products “Made by Google” will contain as much recycled materials as possible according to their Head of Sustainability.

For more information : Presse-citron


Colruyt is testing the use of A.I. in one of its stores

Colruyt becomes the first Belgian supermarket to test the automated recognition for their products. More specifically, one supermarket in Courtrai is using a system powered by A.I. to recognize the fruits and vegetables automatically on the weighing scale. The goal is to optimize the time users spend at the checkout. So far, the tests showed a 97% success rate for the recognition of 120 different sorts of fruits and vegetables.

For more information: usine-digitale


TikTok’s owner launches its own search engine

ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, is launching its very own search engine. Entitled Toutiao Search, the search engine will only target the Chinese market at first. This can be considered as another important step for ByteDance in its development of a global ecosystem, somewhat similar to Google. Enough to compete against Baidu? Only time will tell.

For more information: Presse-citron


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