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Digital news #49 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world!


Are audio clips the future of Twitter?

As Twitter is launching audio clips to a selected number of iOS users, the question needs to be asked. Will we send audio clips rather than written tweets on the social platform in the near future? Twitter is currently trying out this possibility by allowing users to send 140-seconds audio clips. Despite this exciting news for the social media, concerns have been raised on how this could be used as a new form of verbal abuse, potentially even more brutal and aggressive because of the person’s voice and tone.  


The end of Mixer and the migration to Facebook Gaming.

Despite many communication campaigns, and the partnership with famous streamers such as Ninja and Shroud, Mixer has not managed to make its own place against the duopoly that are Twitch and YouTube Gaming. That is why Microsoft decided to stop its streaming platform Mixer and launched a partnership with Facebook to have a chance to compete with the industry giants. 


What if you could buy Bitcoin through PayPal?!

The crypto community buzzes over Monday’s (22/06/2020) collection of recent rumours that PayPal will formally throw its hat into the cryptocurrency ring. PayPal has recently hired two experts, one being an expert in Bitcoin integration and the other in blockchain. It did not take long for the news to be spread on every blog in the crypto-currency industry, raising the price of the sacrosanct Bitcoin. No announcement has been made yet from PayPal. 


A new move by Google in the war against fake news.

With the proliferation of AIs, a large number of deepfakes started to appear on the platform. That is why a fact-check will be implemented to the images added on Google. This was already the case on Google News as well as the site search. Now, when you will perform a search on Google Images, you may see a fact-check label under the thumbnails of images. 

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