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Digital News #7 - Look what you missed out in digital

What if you didn't need a boarding pass to travel?

Facial recognition is not precisely ruled in the US, especially in airports. Nonetheless, a famous airline company decided to use this technology instead of boarding passes. Passengers do not need to show a boarding pass anymore, but only to let their face be scanned. It has been pointed out that no data will be kept. The technology, already well present in 14 American airports, is expected to be extended to many more on the territory.

For more information: presse-citron


Alibaba opens its first European store

Last week, Alibaba opened its first physical shop in Europe. The store, located in Madrid is nothing like a traditional brick and mortar store, but rather functions like a showroom for consumers to try the products they will later buy online. This marks the first step of a move to try to compete with Amazon on a more global level. Because if Alibaba is still king in its own country, with 56% market share in China, Amazon can boast an annual revenue 4 times bigger internationally.

For more information: Business Insider


Will we have to pay to use Facebook in the future?

Between August 6 and 7, Facebook changed its moto from "It's free and always will be" to "It's quick and easy”. The company made no comment about this change, but experts and users all have their own idea about it. Is Facebook changing for a subscription model? Is it a way to admit that users are paying with their personal data that they give to the website? Or is it a way to respond to some EU-directive on GDPR? 

For information: Business Insider


LN24, a new face in the Belgian media landscape

Today will see the launch of a brand-new media in the Belgian landscape. Created by Boris Portnoy, Joan Condijts et Martin Buxant, LN24, or Les News 24, will be the first 24-hour all-news channel in Belgium. Built with the goal of breaking the duopoly of RTBF and RTL in the French-speaking part of the country, the launch of the new channel is a bold but ambitious challenge, that is sure to attract plenty of media attention in the coming weeks.

For more information: Le Soir


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