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Digital News #8 - Look what you missed out in digital

The music industry is driven by streaming numbers

The music industry’s growth in 2019 owes a lot to streaming if we are to believe the latest numbers coming from the United States. Accounting for 80% of the industry revenue, the streaming industry increased by 26% in revenue in the first half of this year. Driven by paid subscriptions, which topped 60 million in the US for the first time, streaming is set to continue to grow at a fast pace.

For more information: Techcrunch 


Facebook tackling deepfakes

Facebook, along with other major institutions, is working on a solution to tackle deepfakes. To do so, they will use actors in order to create a library of deepfakes that will be used to train the technology that is meant to tackle it. They also created a Deepfake Detection Challenge with the goal to stimulate the industry to create new ways of detecting when AI has been used to alter a video.

For more information: Thenextweb


Unknown party transferred $1,01 billion in Bitcoin in a single transaction

During the weekend all the crypto headlines were about that 94.505-bitcoin transaction, worth around $1 billion. Investors and investigators speculated from whence the BTC came. Not surprisingly, the move changed bitcoin’s price from $10.569 to $10.790. But the most surprising thing about that transaction is the fee of just 0,000069% of the total, when you know that a foreign transaction fee is typically around 3%.

For more information:  Micky


Amazon develops the biometric payment by hand recognition

By developing the biometric payment through hand recognition, Amazon is attempting to reduce the amount of time needed to pay. This is currently being tested with a few Amazon employees for inexpensive items such as snacks or beverages. The payment time is expected to be cut to only 0,3 seconds. The goal is to deploy the technology in several Whole Foods stores from 2020 onwards.

For more information: Usine-digitale

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