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Digital news #1 - Look what you missed out on digital last week !

1. Will Instagram remove the likes count?

As a test to improve the users’ well-being, Instagram has currently removed the likes count and the videos views on their platform in 7 regions of the world (including Canada, Brazil and Italy for example). Having been previously considered as the worst social media for mental health and well-being, Instagram is now working hard on making their platform more inclusive.

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2. FaceApp raises privacy concerns

Number 1 in the App store, FaceApp is the latest craze. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the technology shows what users would look like once they get much older. However, legitimate concerns are raised regarding privacy issues, with a few journalists claiming the app was downloading all of the users’ old photos. FaceApp has since then released a statement to try to appease some of the users’ fears, but questions remain over the rights that FaceApp owns over the pictures taken with the app.

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3. The success of Amazon’s Prime Day 2019

Held over 2 days this time around, Amazon’s Prime Day was again very successful in 2019. More than 175 million items were sold over the 2 days, which is more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. According to the American bank JP Morgan, the Amazon Prime Day could have generated more than 5 billion dollars over 48h.

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4. Pampers launches a connected diaper

Pampers is introducing its very first baby connected care system. Through a combination of diapers with activity sensors, an app and a video monitor, the system will be able to track everything from sleep routines to feeding patterns. The new technology will also check for room temperature and humidity and, to avoid the dreaded “smell test”, will send notifications to the parents whenever the diaper is wet.

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