White paper / 05/09/2019 /

White paper - Esports: the brands take the joysticks

Several times a year, Auxipress publishes a white paper on a rapidly changing media trend (fake news, new technologies, etc.). For the first of this year, esports is in the spotlight, a discipline often in the news but still unknown to the general public.

In recent years, interest in esports has increased relentlessly. Its recent development and future growth prospects make it an unavoidable topic. In the midst of a transformation from a niche market to a mainstream phenomenon, 2019 should be a great year for esports. Major investments were made, new structures were created and this community is gradually attracting the attention of major brands. The development of this discipline and its influence deserve more attention. This is the purpose of this white paper: to have a better understanding of this phenomenon, its assets and related challenges. Starting from its origins, with a focus on the Belgian scene, this document will analyse the opportunities and challenges associated with it.

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