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Good news #39

In this context of crisis, our marketing team has taken up a well-known concept at Auxipress, the "Digital News", and has given it a more optimistic touch. This week, we have been looking for the positive news of the last few days in order to be able to offer you the "Good News" of the week.


Always see the glass half-full

The coronavirus continues to do a lot of damage but it’s important to talk about the good news that this virus brings: cured people, acts of solidarity, the benefits for the planet, advancement in scientific research, etc. You will find all this good news and much more in this article. 


Brands are responding well

With this virus, the adaptability of brands has been one of the most striking things. This article outlines some of their most impressive and creative responses to raising awareness about staying at home.  


The planet thanks you...

After all these weeks of lockdown and the restrictions that go with it, there has been a significant decrease in pollution. The earth is breathing again, especially in countries ravaged by pollution such as India. It is a real spectacle for its inhabitants to once again be able to see the peaks of the Himalayas up to 200 km away. 


...and the animals too.

The earth isn't the only one that's breathing again. Ying Ying and Le Le, two pandas resident at Ocean Park Zoo in Hong Kong, were able to mate for the first time in 10 years of living together. The tranquility of the zoo due to the pandemic may have been a factor in this reproduction. 


Music for hope

On this Easter weekend, many families were cooped up at home. To give them some hope in this weekend of celebration, the famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli agreed to sing live in streaming to spread a message to the world. He sang alone in the Duomo di Milano, the largest cathedral in the country, a thrilling spectacle.  

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