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How to convert social media users into customers with Social Audience Profiling?

Gaining insight into your potential customers or consumers is key for targeted and successful marketing, just as it is for the growth of your company.

Gaining insight into your potential customers or consumers is key for targeted and successful  marketing, just as it is for the growth of your company. Gaining insight into your customers through media intelligence will already get you quite far, but what if we told you that you could go from insight to knowledge? 

From insight to knowledge

Potential customers and consumers are more open and active on social media, which obviously does not surprise you. The ‘social’ aspect leads to less boundaries, less restrictions, an easier and more personal access to a customer service, a product, a brand or even groups discussing that very service or product. 

Whatever the situation might be, it’s about consumers, people, those who might be interested in your product or service. Getting to know them better, will help you finetune the way you approach them, most likely with better results. This is where media intelligence gets an upgrade, adding Social Audience Profiling to its package.

Knowing Facebook users is knowing your audience

According to Statista* there are 1.5 billion active Facebook users each month. Needless to say Social Audience Profiling only focuses on the most active social medium, which is Facebook. In Belgium it represents 6.2 million accounts, people discussing, (dis)liking, liking a product or service, yours, similar to yours, your competitors. 

When they are connected they build up a mass of social activity data which can be used to establish profiles and types of relationships with regards to certain centres of interest. Social Audience Profiling provides the means to make use of this information source to build up a broader knowledge of the profiles of existing and prospective customers as well as commercial competitors. 

How to?

Social Audience Profiling takes the form of a personalised and easy to use dashboard providing three different methods of defining the group to be analysed: initially through demographic, psychographic and geographic criteria, then through the integration of an existing client database to discover the profiles of their consumers and finally through the analysis of profiles having visited the target website. The solution provides a surprisingly rapid way to display customer profiles and unlimited means of making comparisons with competitors. 

The perfect blend?

The times that Facebook was neglected as a tool to get closer to your audience is drawing to an end. We are shifting from an era of digital information to digital interaction, the latter which provides valuable information about customers, prospects and competitors. The knowledge gained from those specific insights brings the social users closer to your brand and vice versa. Media intelligence, combined with Social Audience Profiling offers you the opportunity to better get to know your target group. Afterwards it’s a matter of strategic targeting and better conversion. 

Let Auxipress help you get to know your audience better.




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