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Never get lost in the data maze again

We are living in an interesting time for marketers. Never before have they had so many data sources, and never before have there been so many technologies available to tap into these resources.

This profusion brings its own challenges, explains Arnaud Steinkuhler, Solutions Manager at Auxipress.  

First newspapers and magazines, then radio and television, then the web and finally social media. There are more and more places where consumers talk about brands and companies. "The diversity of information is enormous," says Arnaud. "Companies are also concerned about this. It's no longer really about content, but about data. How do you take the pulse of everything that appears on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, web forums? Twitter attracts a very specialized audience: opinion makers, journalists and politicians. Experts who react to what is going on in society. LinkedIn is completely different. Not only in terms of audience, but also in terms of conversation: it is much more motivated. Facebook is the embodiment of spontaneity and has a completely different audience. You only get the best results when you compare different conversations.


A mix of tools

The obvious answer may be "technology", but there is more to it than what we see. "There are currently more than 8,000 different types of software available to marketers," says Arnaud. "The result is a mix of tools, platforms and data sources that also require the right expertise to make the investment worthwhile. Technology is a fantastic asset, but in no way can it replace people." 

"A company that is able to establish relevant and sustained relationships with its public benefits all its departments and divisions." - Arnaud Steinkuhler, Head of Auxipress Solutions  

A more authentic relationship

It's not just the number of channels the marketer has to monitor that is increasing. The information is also being used more and more by the customer. Arnaud: "A company that is able to establish relevant and informed conversations with its audience now benefits from this in all its divisions and departments. The days when Auxipress only worked for the public relations department are over. Our job now is to find the right information for everyone. Also for the marketing and sales department, and nowadays even for the R&D department".

How will all this change, let's say in ten years' time? "I think the relationship between the public and the brands will become even more authentic. I see that nowadays there is often a difference between what happens inside the company and what comes out of it. These walls will be more and more knocked down".

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