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What is the nature of music business today? With Kid Noize

  • On average, there are 40,000 mentions of artists in the Belgian media.
  • Nearly 33% of these mentions are allocated to Belgian artists.
  • Belgian artists are therefore important personalities in the news of the media and potential influencers / inspirers.
  • A first observation, without much surprise, is that the profile of Kid Noize is mainly concentrated in the artistic community. (52% of his profile).
  • Business is also present around Kid Noize with a focus on festival brands.
  • When you zoom in on the artistic medium, the BD profile is still important in the Media profile with 36% of its visibility in this category.

If we get a little closer in the media analysis, comparing Kid Noize and Belgian artists in general, festivals and music dominate. The most connected audiences are young people and children. They are followed closely by Viva for Life with its participation last December, which imprinted the media. Compared to the profile of Belgian artists in general, we can see that the animal of the day is well represented in the media profile of Kid Noize.

These analyzes confirm that Kid Noize has a multifaceted media profile and well-crafted communication. He is a full and complete artist.

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