White paper / 22/08/2018 /

New technologies : what visibility do they have in the media and what does public opinion think about them ?

Auxipress has conducted a study together with the company SoPRISM on the interest that the media and the public opinion have on New technologies.


Today, new technologies have an impact on all aspects of our consumption and lifestyle on a daily basis. Data show that no aspect of consumers’ daily life escapes this anymore. Be it mobility, health, housing or communication between consumers, digitalisation is unavoidable. In this technological universe, the media inevitably act as informers sharing knowledge and even as influencers.  Media have a growing interest for technologies and are progressively integrating new technologies to their contents, presenting them as one of the main stakes of our times. In Belgium, we have been observing that the media coverage of technologies represents 3% of the information currently consumed in the national press. Unlike the media, nearly one Belgian out of three shows interest in technologies. From a fine analysis based on Belgian media agendas and the interests of Belgian publics linked to new technologies, we measured the interest for that domain and analysed its evolution and related stakeholders.  We have therefore been able to evaluate the scope of influence this domain can exert on other interests or significant societal stakes. This study plunges us into the crossing, interpretation and contextualisation of Big Data with a focus on New technologies. What are the new technological trends? What are the perspectives for 2018? How to anticipate the future changes to come?

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