Sports sponsorship: the underestimated benefits of a powerful marketing strategy

Article / 21/03/2019 /

Companies in sectors such as insurance, telecom, banking and many more have a common denominator. 

They are all taking advantage of what a sports sponsorship strategy has to offer. This communication strategy has been around for a long time and is still going strong today. The reason why this is the case can be found in its numerous assets. Most are well-known and well documented. 

  • An efficient sports sponsorship strategy builds brand awareness. By carefully matching a sports team’s fanbase with the brand’s audience, the brand will reach a relevant target and a market that it did not before. Importantly, the audience reached will be highly engaged due to its love for the sports team or athlete.
  • Furthermore, this enhanced media visibility can also help improve the trust of the brand’s consumers, which will further drive sales.
  • It is also a powerful tool to improve or change the attitude towards the brand. It can for instance help rejuvenate the image of the brand.

But these are not the only benefits of a sports sponsorship strategy. There are some lesser known advantages that should not be overlooked. Sport is emotional and so are their fans. This brings marketing opportunities that can be seized upon.

  • As well as impacting the brand’s audience, a sports sponsorship has the potential to positively impact the whole staff through the values of sport. Associating the brand to a sports team can bring a sense of togetherness and team spirit inside the company.
  • It can also bring a sense of pride for the employees to be associated with a team or an athlete, performing on the biggest stage.
  • Furthermore, an effective sports sponsorship can offer original and “out of the ordinary” storytelling opportunities.

Opportunities in sports sponsorship are there to be taken. The options are plentiful, whether it is a collaboration with a team, an athlete, an event or even a stadium, there is a solution for every brand. A well-thought strategy and a good activation will enable a brand to take full advantage of the many benefits a sports sponsorship has to offer.

However, the results of such a strategy are sometimes difficult to measure in-house. An effective way to analyze the impact of the campaign on various media outlets, is to call on an external company which has a global overview of the information. It is the best way to have an unbiased assessment of the campaign’s results. 

On that note, Auxipress has recently published a report on the media coverage of sporting events in Belgium. For more information on the subject, click here.

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