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Top 5: Auxipress' most popular articles

2019 was a year full of twists and turns. Fake news and sponsoring featured prominently. Esport also made its appearance among the most consulted subjects of the year.

Our top 5 most-read articles confirms this.

How can you spot fake news?

The term ‘fake news’ does not refer to an article that is factually wrong, but rather a false article, in the sense that it may look like a press article but is not really one. There are many forms of fake news in the world, here are some of them: parody, clickbait, biased publication and false press articles. In this Auxipress article, Facebook gives 10 ways to combat fake news.


Sponsorship: What are the advantages? How to assess its benefits?

Sponsorship activities help your brand gain visibility. Analysing the benefits of a sponsorship campaign can be challenging. In this article, our team discusses different subjects to help you create opportunities: the first one deals with sponsorship goals, the second with marketing advantages to put forth and the third discusses the analysis of a sponsorship campaign’s benefits.


Fake news: how to deal with fake news when you are not a pro?

Not only media professionals like newspapers or data analysis companies are facing major changes and new challenges regarding an increasingly broader and more complex amount of information. Disinformation has been part of our lives for two years now. It takes different forms: misuse of images and videos to illustrate unrelated facts; creation of fake accounts, creation of fake websites, creation of false documents and the use of bots. Click on the link below for more information.

Fake News: How to deal with fake news when you are not a pro?

Trends topic by PUB and Auxipress: e-sports

The past year, Auxipress has collaborated with PUB to create monthly widgets. Those widgets give you a representation of the most important trends in various sectors. This month’s widget discusses trends like the brands that are most often linked to e-sports, or the most significant e-sport exposure. of the E-sport. Do not hesitate to click on the link to get more information on e-sports, which are rising in popularity. 


The trending topics in January 2019

Each month, the team of Auxipress posts articles about trending topics, ranging from the most mentioned brands in the Belgian and Dutch media to the top five issues gaining media exposure. The articles are relevant for you because they show important data about a multitude of sectors. Curious to see if your company was a trending topic in January 2019? Check the link below.

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