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Topic Targeting Report: Brussels Motor Show 2019


The Brussels Motor Show 2019 is mainly related to companies and consumption, transport and mobility, economy, ecology and politics.

The themes ecology and technologies were related to the electric cars and questions on the impact of mobility on the environment.
The theme housing is present in relation to discussions on cash for car and company cars.
Politics is also an important theme: fiscal advantages for company cars and political policy on mobility options are discussed.

Top 10 topics related to the Brussels Motor Show

  • SUV and electric cars were the most popular types of cars related to the Brussels Motor Show in the Belgian press.
  • Another topic that generates a debate in the press is the price of the cars: high cost for electric cars.
  • The Brussels Motor Show is also related to the mobility debate in general, with for example the discussion on different fuels.

Top 10 audience related to the Brussels Motor Show

  • Visitors and clients are the two main groups that are related to the Brussels Motor Show (new visitor record this year).
  • We also notice that youngsters and children are present in the top 10 (Brussels Motor Show is visited as a day trip with the children + climate protest of young people at the same time). 

The Brussels Motor Show is very popular in the written press as well as in the online press:

  • The online press is more influential than the printed press with Le Vif online, Autowereld and Het Laatste Nieuws online.
  • The Dutch speaking press was more interested in the Brussels Motor Show than the French speaking press.
  • Magazines like Le Vif and Knack were very interested in the Brussels Motor Show, but published mainly articles on their websites.
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