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Topic Targeting Report: Champagne


The Champagne sector is marked by limited media attention in 2018.
December and the end of year celebrations are the best opportunities to communicate to correspond with the media interest for the sector. 

The topics and wordings related to champagne


The news on Champagne in December focused mainly on the end of year celebrations, the brands and food.

The main words associated with Champagne in December are the end of year celebrations, Christmas markets, wine, price and foie gras.
The family and the cosiness of the end of year celebrations also occupy a large part of the interest of the media in relation to Champagne and the wine sector.

Top topics related to champagne - December 2018


The association with wine and food is dominant in the analysis of the media coverage of Champagne in December 2018.

  • The holidays are the privileged moment for the Champagne sector to communicate.
  • The sector is associated with leisure, but also raises an important media issue, which is the price. 

Top publics related to champagne - December 2018


The family universe is dominant in the media context of Champagne.

  • The media interest for Champagne is directly related to the family universe. This is a priority theme to use for communication and marketing.
  • Friends are also part of the media coverage of “Champagne”. Again, this is an important marketing element for the sector.
  • However, it is important to note that the police and offenses are also dominating the media context. 

Media and Influencers that are most related to champagne


The Champagne topic is a confidential topic in the written press as well as in the online press:

  • The media interest for Champagne in December 2018 is slightly higher in the French speaking press (55%) than in the Dutch speaking press (45%).
  • The media coverage is more important for print (58%) than online (42%) for the Champagne sector.
  • The media with the most interest in the Champagne sector during the holidays are L’Avenir, Het Laatste Nieuws, Het Nieuwsblad, Sud Presse and La Dernière Heure.

Top brands - December 2018


Vrancken Pommery is the most mentioned Champagne wine brand during the holiday season in the Belgian media. 

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