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The most mentions were found in the press at the end of January, right before the start of Tournée Minérale. If brands want to communicate on this event, it is important to launch the communication before the event starts.

The topics and wordings related to Tournée Minérale


Tournée Minérale is mainly related to health and food, but also companies and consumption play an important role in the media coverage. The other main themes are the population, politics and society, ecology and sports.

Ecology is important in the media coverage on Tournée Minérale: bars choose for European soft drinks to limit the ecological impact. Sports is also related to Tournée Minérale because a hockey team for example wanted to fight against alcohol abuse in their sport. 

Top 10 topics related to the Tournée Minérale

  • A little contradictory, but the alcoholic drinks, beer and wine are more mentioned in relation to Tournée Minérale than the non-alcoholic alternatives. 
  • The debate on the impact of alcohol on health is related to one disease in particular, namely cancer.
  • Sugar was also an important theme: articles mention that alcohol contains a lot of sugar and on the other hand, non-alcoholic alternatives that contain sugar are suggested.

Top 10 audience related to Tournée Minérale

  • Some articles focus on the alcohol consumption of Flemish women in particular.
  • Friendships are present because articles mention that drinking alcohol in a bar or at home is seen as a social event in the Belgian culture.
  • Mayors and cities emphasize that they support the Tournée Minérale with different initiatives.

Media and Influencers that are most related to Tournée Minérale


Tournée Minérale is very popular in the written press as well as in the online press:

  • The online press  is more influential than the printed press with Het Laatste Nieuws online, L’Avenir online and Het Nieuwsblad online.
  • The Dutch speaking press was more interested in Tournée Minérale than the French speaking press.
  • Het Laatste Nieuws and Het Nieuwsblad were most interested in Tournée Minérale. This counts for their printed newspapers as well as for their websites.
  • Beer brands were most visible in relation to Tournée Minérale and especially AB Inbev that promotes alcohol-free beers from the brands Jupiler and Leffe.
  • Universiteit Gent also boosts the visibility: the university is looking for participants for a research on the impact of alcohol.

Top 10 brands positive impacted by Tournée Minérale


Which are the brands that used most efficiently the media to boost their visibility?

  • Maes 0.0% was often mentioned and increased strongly the visibility for Maes in January and February.
  • Freixenet also increased its visibility with taste tests for the Freixenet 0% and Brouwerij De Halve Maan was present with the first non-alcoholic special beer, Sportzot.
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