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The Trending Topics - December 2019

Here are trending topics in the Belgian and Dutch press for the month of December. It includes the most mentionned sectors, brands and topics of the month.

The trending topics in December 2019


BE – Political issues remain most important for the Belgian media agenda and the share increases compared to November. Sports is still the second most important theme. 


NL – Sports becomes this month the most important theme in The Netherlands, while politics becomes the second theme. Companies and consumers are losing some positions in the ranking in comparison to the previous month.

Different trends in the media agenda in Belgium and The Netherlands (during December 2019)


BE – During this month of December 2019, the Belgian media emphasise more issues related to international and migration issues, culture, politics and society, economy, employment, companies and consumers and sports than the Dutch media.

NL – On the other hand, during this month of December 2019, issues related to associations, health and food, ecology, mobility, security, technology, housing and education are more covered in the Dutch media than in the Belgian media.  

NL and BE Trends: Positive evolution of top topics (December 2019)

BE Trends (December 2019)


BE – In December 2019, the top five issues gaining most media exposure in the Belgian media are (1) population and association, (2) international and migration issues, (3) technologies, (4) ecology and (5) economy.

NL Trends (December 2019)


NL – In December 2019, the top five issues gaining most media exposure in the Dutch media are (1) health and food, (2) security and justice, (3) housing, (4) population and association and (5) technologies. 

NL/BE Comparison – 7 themes are different between Belgium and the Netherlands: (1) international and migration issues (increasing in the Belgian media, decreasing in the Dutch media), (2) ecology (decreasing in the Dutch media), (3) economy (rising in the Belgian media), (4) culture (increasing in the Belgian media), (5) health and food (rising in the Dutch media), (6) security and justice (decreasing in the Belgian media), and (7) mobility (rising in the Dutch media).

BE - Top Companies Awareness – December 2019


NL - Top Companies Awareness – December 2019


For the top 10 of the most mentioned brands in the Belgian and Dutch media, 3 brands out of 10 are found on both sides of the ranking.

  • Facebook and Google are both present in the ranking. Facebook is the 1st brand in the Belgian and Dutch top 10, while Google is the 5th brand in the Belgian and the 2nd brand in the Dutch top 10.
  • Apple is also present in both rankings, on the 6th place in the Belgian and on the 3rd place in the Dutch ranking.
  • SNCF is only present in the Belgian ranking. Especially the French-speaking media are reporting on the strikes in France.
  • In the Dutch ranking, two retail brands appear: Albert Heijn and Jumbo. Some articles discuss for example the end of year shopping, but also the protest from farmers at the distribution centres of both retailers
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