One year of digital news

One year of digital news

Not a day goes by without the digital world being turned upside down by new innovations, bankruptcies, disruptive technology ... And it's obviously very time-consuming to keep up to date. We help you in this task for over a year now with our weekly digital news. 💡 To thank you for your support and the constant growing number of readers, here is for you a top 5 of the most successful digital news during this year. 🎉🎉

Episode 18

Our most popular digital news was the 18th episode, back in November 2019. The first and main topic discussed was “Surviving in Brussels” an App created to help people in a precarious situation in Brussels, notably through Clear Channel’s digital screens. Another big topic that week was the delay in the installation of the 5G in Belgium. We concluded with Spotify’s announcement that they were launching a karaoke mode. This episode was one of the first that was illustrated by a video, which might explain its popularity! Have you checked our videos yet? If not, feel free to take a look at our YouTube channel !…

Episode 15

Episode 15 was another hugely popular edition of our digital news. Google was the main story that week! The company announced the biggest modification to their algorithm ever made, and we also discussed the legal battle between French publishers and Google. The blockchain was another focus of interest with China announcing the country would take the lead on this new technology. Our last digital news highlighted Gartner’s top 10 trends for 2020. As we are now halfway through the year, what do you make of Gartner’s top 10? Was it accurate?

Episode 37

In third place we have an episode released at the end of March. In the midst of the pandemic, this episode was heavily influenced by the coronavirus. We wrote about the WHO launching an app to fight the coronavirus, as well as our first tip for spending time in lockdown thanks to the HouseParty app. We also covered the possibility of seeing UPS delivering our packages through quieter and more versatile drones in this episode.

Episode 12

The 4th most popular edition of our digital news so far was our 12th episode. Our main topic was the work of a French startup to implement augmented reality in football stadium in order to improve the experience of the supporters. We also covered the new Instagram app launched in early October 2019 to communicate with close friends, Threads. We concluded with a study on the impact of Facebook on mental health. This last piece of news still makes for an interesting reading today!

Episode 31

And finally, to conclude our top 5 of your favorite digital news in the last year, the episode 31. In this episode of mid-February, the big news was the milestone hit by WhatsApp. That week, WhatsApp reached the impressive feat of 2 billion monthly users worldwide. Augmented reality was again a topic of interest in this episode as it was announced that Apple expanded “Quick Look”, an app that allows users to see products they want to buy from other apps in augmented reality (as long as the retailer provided the 3D model).

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