Take your brand to the next level

Measure the impact of your campaigns and optimize future actions.

Your brand's progress depends on its reputation. We help you measure and monitor it, improve your performance and compare it to your competitors.

PR measurement

Measure the impact of your communication campaigns

Track your key indicators (volume, audience, AVE...)

Learn from your media strengths and weaknesses.

Demonstrate their effectiveness to your management.

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Digital measurement

Measure your social media activity and its impact on your digital presence

Analyze your performance on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube...

Measure the performance of your influencers.

Identify trending topics and content.

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Reputation Management

Measure the influence and perception of your brand in the media and among your audiences

Identify the values associated with your brand and your communications

Understand and optimize what influences your reputation.

Measure the effectiveness of your brand with your audiences.

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Competitive benchmark

Compare your brand's performance with that of your competitors

Compare key metrics such as share of voice, reach, mentions, engagement rates, impression.

Identify industry best practices.

Track communication opportunities (topics, audiences, etc.) that have not yet been preempted.

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