Sponsorship: What are the advantages? How to assess its benefits?

Sponsorship: What are the advantages? How to assess its benefits?

Sponsorship activities help your brand gain visibility. Analysing the benefits of a sponsorship campaign can be challenging. Discover how our media analysis solution can help you measure the impact of your sponsorship activity.

According to Statista, $62.8 billion was invested in sponsorship worldwide in 2017. This is close to a $25 billion increase over the last ten years and shows that sponsorship is promised to a bright future.

Assumption: Sponsorship is equal to sports sponsorship

Nowadays, sponsorship goes beyond the realm of sport. Several brands were able to associate their identity to that of a specific event. For instance, the Belgian football championship has been called “Jupiler Pro League” for many years. The Paris-Bercy tennis tournament is called “Rolex Paris Masters”.

What would Red Bull have become on the global scale without its numerous sponsorship activities involving extreme sports and athletes of all kinds? Look at Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian athlete who successfully carried out a 38km high jump, with footage viewed around the globe, featuring the famous Red Bull logo.

Find the video highlights of this historic moment!

A clear link between the sport in question and the sponsor’s core business is not even a prerequisite. Allianz understood this very well, giving its name to a mega stadium seating 75,000 spectators in Munich, Germany.

Cultural and entertainment-based sponsorship

It would be very unwise to restrict one’s sponsorship efforts to millions spent in the world of sports. As a matter of fact, any organisation or enterprise can become, on their own scale, an event’s partner, be it of a cultural nature (a music festival for example) or in the entertainment business.

The choice of an event will depend on your enterprise, its sector and your objective.

Sponsorship goal

A sponsorship campaign can serve many different purposes:

  • Raising public awareness about your enterprise and its expertise in a given area.
  • Giving a boost to your brand’s reputation by creating a link between your brand and the values conveyed by the sponsored event. Red Bull does just that.
  • Narrowing the gap between the enterprise and its (potential) customers by being present where one would not expect you to be. This enables an extension of the relation beyond the usual context.
  • Boosting a product’s sales by offering it directly during the sponsored event. The beverage brands excel at this task.
  • Fine-tuning the relation with third parties by creating networking opportunities which can become precious assets in future endeavours.

Marketing advantages to put forth

Sponsorship displays a wide range of advantages. It can help promote a brand, foster client and professional relations, improve one’s image or associate values to a brand or simply boost sales.

It is easy to measure and analyse a sponsorship campaign’s benefits

In the meantime, you have probably figured out that a sponsoring campaign cannot be quickly improvised. Like any other marketing campaign, it requires some upstream work. Given the extent of the efforts put in the campaign, it would be a pity to forgo an in-depth analysis of the results and impact of your campaign. A comprehensive media analysis is essential. It will help you accurately measure the campaign’s profitability and make plans for your next campaign to be even more effective.

It might seem complex to ascertain the impact of a long-term partnership. That is another reason to spend time on a comprehensive analysis of the campaign.

Auxipress can help you measure your campaign’s return on investment. Using media intelligence, we can spot in which media outlets (written press, online press, radio and television, social media) your brand was talked about. We can provide an analysis of the main sponsor, the other sponsors and of the event itself.

Have a look at our dedicated media intelligence webpage or get in touch with us for more information or to subscribe to our sponsorship solution.

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