The ideal WorkFromHome routine

The ideal WorkFromHome routine

After the initial adjustment, it is time for a new routine. By the end of this third week of confinement, which is oftentimes synonymous for working from home, many of us have found some balance. But how can we optimise this balance further? How can we improve our new daily routine? Here are some tips and tricks from our HR Manager at Auxipress. In two episodes, we will share some advice with you that will surely brighten your day. We tested them out first, we promise!

Episode 1/2: Keep a productive workspace

Set up your WFH desk in a clear, bright spot. A lack of light wears out your eyes, and weighs on your performance.

It is also important to air out your new WFH space to avoid eye irritation or headaches. Remember, spring is in the air, and you can hear the birds sing outside.

Dust and waste can have a negative impact on the air quality, so now is the time for your spring cleaning!

Mind your posture on your chair to spare your neck, shoulders and lower back. Elevating your screen with a few books can already help you to not hunch over your screen too much. Just so you know, sitting up straight works out your abs 😉

Stretch and walk around a bit every hour. Your joints will thank you later.

Stay safe

Keep an eye on your wires and preferably keep them elevated, to avoid tripping. Also, that way Buttons will not cause any trouble. (The author of this article speaks from experience.)

Keep flammables and liquids far away from your electronic devices.

Episode 2/2: Confined, yes, but organised

Organise your day

Get dressed! This will help you distinguish work time from leisure time. Even if you are only changing from one pair of pyjamas to another, you will be able to switch to the right mindset to get to work.

Have a healthy and complete breakfast, outside or close to the window.

Why not have a video conference over lunch? (In which case, you should change out of your pyjamas.)

Start the day by making a to-do list and preparing your meetings.

Do not forget to move: 30 minutes of exercise per day are recommended.

In the evening, turn on your digital detox mode: turn off your electronic devices and finish that book you never got around to read.

Keep it social

Communicate with your colleagues during the day. This will keep you motivated, especially since your absence makes certain daily tasks harder, like sharing ideas or moving projects along.

Take breaks, «like at the coffee machine».

And especially… Take care of yourself and stay healthy 😊

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