The importance of monitoring one’s daily mediatization

The importance of monitoring one’s daily mediatization

Whether they want it or not, brands are likely to be mentioned in media, depending on the daily news.

One often speaks of “earned media”, or the media visibility earned by the brand,  something that falls beyond direct control. How one reacts to such mediatisation, as well as how one positions oneself on the issues with which a brand is associated, can be controlled.

Proper awareness of their mediatisation can be a tough challenge for brands. It is all the more difficult in today’s media environment where communication channels are multiplying, fake news is becoming a permanent threat, and “infobesity” is turning into a daily reality for consumers.

Yet, that challenge is vital. Brands wanting to control their mediatisation need to understand it first. Mastering the mediatisation makes it possible to anticipate major communication challenges and better understand the trends, the opportunities and the risks linked to a brand or a sector.

How to better understand your mediatisation?

To better understand one’s mediatisation, one needs to monitor everything being said about a brand, a topic or a related sector. This involves media monitoring, which gathers all the relevant data. Beyond media monitoring itself, other tools are available to better control and capitalise on a brand’s mediatisation.

One of these solutions is a very comprehensive press review. It allows you to monitor all the news related to one brand, in the written and online press as well as on radio and television. In addition to having an exhaustive and multi-channel view of your daily mediatisation, the press review structures the relevant information for one brand, sorting the information for you. This is an indisputable asset given the amount of information manufactured by the various media outlets.

As a comprehensive tool, the press review may sometimes seem long depending on the daily volumes. It can be delivered in combination with news summaries. A page summarising key information that allows you to follow your daily mediatisation at a glance.

Furthermore, monitoring your daily mediatisation can help analyse your progress in different areas of communication. It enables you to examine your PR (Press Relation) or communication actions and get feedback.

Did I manage to get the media to talk about my brand?  Have I succeeded in being associated with the topics that interest me? How do the media see me? Brands face several communication challenges. Mastering your mediatisation and using the right tools allow you to answer these questions and optimise your communication.

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