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Digital News #19 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world

3D experience, the new shopping method

Nowadays, consumers want to know what a product will look like before they engage themselves in a purchasing process. Real-time 3D transforms classic shopping into a gaming experience where consumers can customize their own products with interactive models in immersive environments. Interactive 3D experiences will become increasingly prevalent as buyers incorporate their love of gaming with shopping.

For more information: the next web

How Brussels is transforming itself in a smart city

The City of Brussels is planning to transform itself into a “Smart City”. It is still early days, but the Brussels government has developed a 5 years-plan to develop projects related to urbanism, environment, mobility, etc. The end goal is to make all those projects accessible for citizens through a single online platform.

For more information: geeko

Brave, the app that rewards you to watch advertising

Brave 1.0 is an application available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. The main goal of this app is to secure the navigation of its users by blocking all kinds of tracking, advertising and videos. The particularity of this application is that it allows users to be rewarded with tokens when they are exposed to advertising. This money can be used to pay publishers or content creators, a new real virtuous system. 

 For more information: blog du moderateur

Virtual influencers on the rise

Influencer marketing was supposed to humanize brands, and to develop human connections between brands and their customers. But the latest trend in influencer marketing has done the exact opposite of that. Indeed, the last few months have seen the rise of computer-generated models that act as virtual influencers. The interest for brands lies in the fact that virtual influencers are not paid, but still reach higher engagement rates than traditional influencers.

For more information: social media today

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