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Digital News #29 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world 


An A.I. to predict the Superbowl

If you wanted to make a bet this weekend, this is the artificial intelligence you should have consulted. It is Unanimous A.I. who accurately predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs would win the Superbowl this year. Recently, Unanimous A.I. has also been able to accurately predict medical diagnoses, Oscar winners and economic trends.


Common charger for all

The European Commission would like to create a common charger for all smartphones in the European Union. This would significantly reduce the rate of e-waste. However, this measure does not please all manufacturers, especially Apple, which sees it as a drag to technological innovation. 


An anonymous chat to discuss with other Internet users of a site

Relay Chat is a version of anonymous live chat. This extension allows you to add a relay chat on any visited site in order to talk, live, with all the other users present on this site at the same time in the whole world. It is a new form of communication and an entirely new concept of socializing. 


Walgreens now displays its advertisement on digital cooler doors

Last year, Walgreens launched a test phase of its intelligent refrigerators, which can scan your face and remember your behaviour. Today, the company is thinking about generalizing these screens, and thus extending its advertising network. The doors used by Walgreens are equipped with optical, infrared sensors that detect when a potential buyer lingers in front of a product or chooses a product.

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