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Digital News #9 - Look what you missed out in digital

Uber launches Bike Lane Alerts for Mobility Week

Uber is launching a new feature who will play an active role in road safety in Belgium: Bike Lane Alerts. It’s using available map data to help drivers and passengers be more careful when dealing with cyclists. It was already proposed is USA, Canada, United Kingdom and France. This is a functionality integrated directly in the Uber application which aims to improve road safety.

For more information:  Digimedia


E-commerce net spend is on the rise in Belgium

E-commerce continues to grow in Belgium as the number of transactions completed and the amount spent increased for the fifth consecutive year. The main reasons are the low prices and the comfort of ordering from them, time saving is also a major reason to buy online. Belgians have already spent €5.69 billion online in the first half of the year. Will we reach the symbolic bar of 11 billion euros before 2020?

For more information: LaLibre


McDonald’s is positioning itself on A.I. and voice control

McDonald’s is always looking at new ways to reinvent the fast-food experience. To do so, the company has been increasingly looking at tech acquisitions. In order to facilitate the clients’ ordering, McDonald’s announced the purchase of Apprente, a start-up building conversational agents that can automate voice-based ordering in multiple languages. This technology should allow a faster, simpler and more precise order taking with the idea of integrating it later in the smartphone order and on the drive terminals.

For more information: Techrunch


An update on Google’s algorithm

Nowadays, when a media shares an original article, it is often picked up by other media outlets. Without creating any content, they can appear higher in the search results than the original publisher. In order to tackle this and to promote original content, Google is currently updating its search algorithm. In the near future, original content will appear first in the search results, and will be visible for a longer period.

For more information:  Blog-Du-Modérateur

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