Political (in)correctness in the media

Article / 27/11/2018 /

Auxipress at the Belgian Communication Summit 2018!

"Communicating without upsetting people is getting more difficult every day. Some people get offended when companies, governments or spokespersons call things by their name, others get offended when traditions have to be changed because of political correctness.    

Is the pressure of political correctness becoming the 21st century’s censorship ? Are communicators being held hostage and limited in their creativity by their customers because of it ? Are we working more for the masses reactions than for our customers ? Are we still able to tell what we actually want to say or are we pro-actively avoiding any possible debate, which might be difficult to contain and manage because of the impact and speed of social media ? Are debates and reactions on social media manageable and containable anyway ?   " 

Valued keynote speakers shared their academic and business vision. Sien Vanderlinden (Senior Media & Data Analyst) and Grégory Piet (Chief Data Officer) from Auxipress spoke about the "Political (in) correctness in the media". The entire presentation is avalable via the link below.

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