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The trending Topics - April 2019

Quand on parle de Trending Topic, savez-vous à quoi faisons-nous référence ? Ci dessous se trouve une veille médiatique des secteurs et compagnies les plus diffusés dans les médias durant le mois de mai afin de définir les tendances les plus médiatisés à travers la presse belge et hollandaise. 


BE – Political issues remain on top of the Belgian media agenda in April 2019, but they become a little less important than in March. Sports are becoming more important, just like companies and consumers. 

NL – Sports are most mediatised in The Netherlands in April 2019 and are becoming even more important than in March. The visibility for politics and society drops again just like for companies and consumers. Ecology remains a top trend in the Dutch media with more than 6% of the media interest.


BE – During this month of April 2019, the Belgian media emphasise more issues related to Europe and migration, culture, politics and society, employment and economy than the Dutch media.

NL – On the other hand, during this month of April 2019, issues related to housing were largely more covered in the Dutch media than in the Belgian media. The same applies for technologies, sports, ecology, transport and mobility issues, security and justice and health and food issues.  


NL – In April 2019, the top five issues gaining media exposure in the Dutch media are (1) security and justice, (2) politics and society, (3) sports, (4) social action and (5) media.

BE – In April 2019, the top five issues gaining media exposure in the Belgian media are (1) sports, (2) politics and society, (3) security and justice, (4) culture and (5) health and food.

NL/BE Comparison – Belgium and the Netherlands share upward trends in sports, politics and society, security and justice and social action.

5 themes are different between Belgium and the Netherlands: (1) Employment (increasing in the Belgian media, decreasing in the Dutch media), (2) culture (rising in the Belgian media), (3) health and food (rising in the Belgian media), (4) media (increasing in the Dutch media) and (5) transport and mobility (decreasing in the Belgian media).


For the top 10 of the most mentioned brands in the Belgian and Dutch media, 6 brands out of 10 are found on both sides of the ranking.

  • 1.Facebook is the first brand in the Belgian and Dutch top 10.
  • 2.Boeing is also present in the Belgian and Dutch top 10. The brand is 4th in the Belgian and 8th in the Dutch media and is still impacted by the plane crashes.
  • 3.Apple and Google are also present in the Belgian and Dutch top 10. Apple is the 2nd brand in both countries and Google is the 9th brand in Belgium and the 6th brand in The Netherlands.
  • 4.Car brands Mercedes and Tesla are also present in both rankings: Mercedes  is the 6th brand in the Belgian media and the 5th brand in the Dutch media, while Tesla is the 8th brand in the Belgian media and the 7th brand in the Dutch media.
  • 5.In the Belgium media, Uber appears in the ranking on the 5th place due to employment issues, the competition with Tesla and the upcoming IPO of the company.

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