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Topic Targeting Report: Top 10 brands for the 1st half of 2019

Auxipress conducted an analysis of the mediatization of the top brands for the first half of this year in Belgium. 

The study evaluated which brands had the biggest penetration rate in terms of mediatization for various socio-demographic groups. A brand's media penetration rate can be quite different depending on factors such as gender, age or the social group.

Top 10 brands sorted by age


Without any surprise, Facebook is the brand with the highest penetration rate in the media for the 12-34 age group. It remains quite high (4th) among people between the ages of 34 and 55, but for the +55 year old, Facebook is out of the top 10 and actually has the lowest penetration rate out of the top 50. Brands related to public transports are extremely well ranked for the 12-34 while among the +55, mobile operators and banks generally have a high penetration rate.

Top 10 brands sorted by social group


The difference is quite tenuous between the "lowest" social groups (SG 5-6 and SG 7-8). The top 10 of the media penetration rate for the two social groups are quite similar. However, the difference between the two "highest" social group (SG 1-2 and SG 3-4) is much more significant. Only two brands rank among the top 10 of both social groups 1-2 and 3-4 in terms of media penetration rate: Umicore and Deutsche Bank. Although there are similarities in the sectors involved. 

Top 10 brands sorted by gender


The brands' penetration rate in the media is extremely different depending on whether the media is addressing its message to men or women. It could be considered a bit cliché even. For men, the brands with the highest penetration rate are related to banks, automobile and beers while for woman are, those brands are coming from Fast-Moving Consumer Groups, the fashion sector or public transports. 

Top 50 brands


Based on the number of mentions for the first semester of 2019, the most mediatized brand in the media is by far Facebook. With twice the numbers of mentions of its closest competitor, the US giant is ever-present in the media. GAFA are monopolizing the media attention in Belgium, with 3 out of 4 of their members topping the number of mentions (only Amazon stays out of the top 10). Interestingly, three Belgian brands are among the top 10. AB inBev, Proximus and SNCB were respectively 4th, 5th and 6th brands with the most mentions in the Belgian media.

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