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Digital News #17 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world

Smart devices tricked by lasers

Smart devices are increasingly more common nowadays, and yet we are not always aware that they might make our houses much more vulnerable. Researchers discovered that they could hack smart devices such as the ones sold by Amazon, and take control of them from afar thanks to a laser. The researchers’ discovery points to the fact that microphones also react to light, which can be modified to trick the device to act as if it received sound. In the experiment, researchers were able to hack into a house and take the car out of the garage.

For more information: TheNextWeb

You rate brands but how do brands rate you?

What if you had some sort of social credit? No this is not a Black Mirror episode, and no we are not in China. But it is a reality nonetheless according to the New York Times. The prestigious newspaper reveals that companies are already sharing information about you, officially as a mean to fight fraud. Unofficially, the information might be used to determine whether you are a good client or not and consequently, whether they should grant you certain benefits or not. 

For more information: Presse-Citron

Singles' day: Sales Record

Imagine selling the equivalent of the GDP of Tunisia in one day. That is what Alibaba Group did on the Singles’ day. 24 hours were enough to sell more than the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday combined. Alibaba Group said that the first billion was reached after only 68 seconds. The Chinese company tried to reach a maximum of people by inviting Taylor Swift and GEM for the occasion.

For more information:  TechCrunch

When art meets digital

The great exhibition "Claude Monet, the immersive experience" will take place in Brussels from November 28th at the Horta Gallery. On the agenda: mapping, virtual reality, 300 paintings and more than 100,000 images used to make this spectacular exhibition possible. The exhibition aims to bring together a wider public, not necessarily accustomed to museums.

For more information: RTBF

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